Northside Social

Today was a pseudo work day for this household. Bf is taking a bar next week and has been studying his little fee tail off (awful bar joke). He headed over to Northside Social, a cute cafe/wine bar just a few minutes walking distance from us. I joined him a couple hours later and we enjoyed splitting this lunch of an italian grilled cheese sandwich, which included various cured meats such as prosciutto and soppresetta, provolone, ricotta, pickled hot peppers and pesto on foccacia with a side of market salad and roasted pepper soup. It was delicious, perfect for two people to share, and only $12 for the combo.

Northside Social is a great place to study, work from home, read a book or meet friends for coffee or wine. There is a large outside area and a cute upstairs wine bar. It is a part of the Liberty Tavern family, which includes Lyon Hall and is a great place to visit if you are in Clarendon for the day.

Northside Social on Urbanspoon


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