Dinner at Cava Mezze in Clarendon

This past weekend my parents came to visit me. They had never been to this part of the country so I took them to the museums, to see the white house and to stroll the streets of DC. After seeing all of that, they decided they just wanted to relax for the rest of their trip and stay in Clarendon. We decided to have dinner at Cava Mezze because they enjoy tapas and greek food sounded delicious to me.

We started off with the zucchini fritters. There were four of these and four of us but they were devoured so quickly I only managed to sneak in a picture right before bf dug into his. They were light, fluffy, well seasoned, served with a simple tzatziki sauce and perfectly fried to a crisp.

Because of my love for all things cheese, I insisted on ordering the tyropita which is goat cheese and feta in phyllo. Like the zucchini fritters, the three phyllo cheese triangles were also perfectly fried. They were simple and exactly what I expected.

My parents love seafood and their only request was to order something with shrimp (I did most of the ordering at this meal). I selected the opa opa shrimp which were sauteed shrimp served with a tomato cream sauce. Let me say, WOW. This was definitely the star of the meal. The shrimp were perfectly cooked and the sauce was incredible. After we were long done with the shrimp, the busboy tried to take the plate away twice and both times I quickly put my hand over it so I could use the pita bread that came when we immediately sat down to soak all of the delicious sauce up.

We also enjoyed the cava grill, which contained two lamb chops, two chicken skewers, three meatballs and two pieces of (pork?) souvlaki. I was expecting the chicken to be somewhat dry as chicken breast often is, but was pleasantly surprised when I cut into it and saw that the moisture was nicely contained in the meat. The citrus sauce the grill was served in was very flavorful and accompanied the meat nicely. The lamb chops were cooked to medium rare, just how I like them and the meatballs and souvlaki were flavorful without being over the top.

The service at Cava was great. We went at 8:30p on a Saturday night and though it took about 35 minutes for a table, we expected it and did not mind. The restaurant is very noisy in the front, be warned. We were sitting in a booth which helped diffuse other sounds but the restaurant as a whole is just…loud. Still, my parents did enjoy themselves and they are in their sixties.

We ordered wine when we sat down but that was poured and consumed so quickly that I couldn’t review it here. The wine list was moderately priced and should meet most budgets.

Cava Mezze had delicious cuisine and good service but was quite noisy. I will definitely be back, though probably at a less packed time.

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