Magic Hat – Pistil


4.5% abv, purchased as a part of a Trader Joe’s Mystery 6-pack that was $7.57

“…beer brewed with Dandilion.” I knew I needed to try this when I read that on the bottle! Light but flavorful, light blonde color and a good low abv for light drinkers. Very enjoyable after work, outside and/or with fries, fish or spicy wings.


Sierra Nevada Summerfest


Sierra Nevada Summerfest – received as part of a Trader Joe’s mystery beer pack, otherwise available for $8.99/6-pack. 5.0% abv.

Pretty blonde color, only slightly heavier than a pilsner, just a bit malty. Would be perfect with a moderately heavy salad or sandwich or while watching storms outside on a warm summer night like tonight!

Run Your Heart Out 5k


The weekend of February 12th called for a 4 mile run according to my training plan. When I heard that Potomac River Running would be putting on a new 5k race, called Run Your Heart Out, that included a Nike Dri-Fit tech tee for only $25, bf and I signed right up. I cut out little felt hearts and put them on our fleece headbands.

The morning of was one of the coldest I have ever experienced. I am from California and consider myself to be a good sport when it comes to DC weather but this particular morning was downright frigid. It is not comforting to see this on your phone when you pull up to the race:

I think the windchill was around 11 degrees. Burrr.

When we went to go pick up our tees, we saw that they were long sleeved! Score.

We hung out in the car until it was time to start and then we headed out to the track at South Lakes High School, where the course started and ended. We planned to use this race to get our miles in and to have fun. We got separated at the very beginning, which was good because it motivated me to catch up to bf in front. I was going strong and then half a mile in, a kid slipped and fell on the ice. All of the runners around him, myself included, stopped and helped him up. He couldn’t have been more than 8 years old and was fine as soon as he stood up but it definitely scared me. Then when I crossed over the first bridge, close to the 1 mile mark, I walked over cautiously, as it was frozen, but still slipped. I yelped and all of the kind runners by me quickly put their hand out to make sure I didn’t fall and asked if I was okay. I love runners.

I was fine but decided right there that there was no way I was going fast in this race. A rolled ankle just wasn’t worth a PR. All of my race registrations flashed before my eyes and I just started walking very slowly over all of the bridges and the icy downhills.

The race was fun after that point. I played it safe and had a good time. PR did a great job of warning everyone about the icy patches (which is why I thankfully walked over that first bridge) and had quite a bit of post race food, nom.

And when we got home, we decided to relax with our favorite weekend beverages. Huzzah!


By George 10k

When I was planning out how to train for the upcoming 10 milers I have registered for, I decided to follow Hal’s novice 10 miler plan. In order to motivate me more to do the long runs, I looked for inexpensive and or fun races that were taking place the same weekend and were around the same distance. So when I saw that this past weekend had a 7 mile run scheduled and there was a PVTC race, the By George 10k, and it was a mere $8, I signed up. I did the Christmas Caper 5k, also put on by them, a few weeks prior and thought they put on a good, simple race, so I figured this would be a great way to get the miles in. Bf is on the same 10 miler training plan so he decided to join in as well.

We arrived at Hains Point, where the race was being held, at around 7:30a. It wasn’t terribly cold and looked like it was going to be a very pretty day so we decided to just take it easy and have fun. When it got close to the 8am start time, we noticed that there just weren’t very many people around. At the PVTC races they have a 5k that starts at 7:50a and a 10k that starts at 8a. The 5k is an out and back once and the 10k is an out and back twice. Most people tend to do the 5k but there were barely 20 people lined up to do the 10k, which is exceptionally small. Then I remembered that Pacers was doing a 10k run that same morning and that was why there was so few runners at Hains Point. Oh well, bf and I prepared ourselves to come in last after sizing up the other runners and just stuck to our plan of having fun.

When the race started, within 20 feet we were all by ourselves, as the rest of the group took off fast. I waved goodbye to all of them and we started our standard conversational pace. My legs started getting tired after mile 2 so I took frequent walk breaks and didn’t care. This race made me realize I need to give myself two days of off time from running before doing races if I want to stay strong. I wasn’t trying to PR so it wasn’t a big deal to run on tired legs and go slower than usual.

Because of the size of the race, I not only placed third in my AG, I also came in last in my AG. Yeah, it was that small. Also, there was a ten minute gap between us and the finisher before us. Oh well!

I still had a lot of fun. About two minutes after we crossed the finish line, we decided to start a quick and easy 0.8 miles to get in our 7 miles for the day. It was an easy jog and the weather and water were gorgeous.

Tired pants:

Northside Social

Today was a pseudo work day for this household. Bf is taking a bar next week and has been studying his little fee tail off (awful bar joke). He headed over to Northside Social, a cute cafe/wine bar just a few minutes walking distance from us. I joined him a couple hours later and we enjoyed splitting this lunch of an italian grilled cheese sandwich, which included various cured meats such as prosciutto and soppresetta, provolone, ricotta, pickled hot peppers and pesto on foccacia with a side of market salad and roasted pepper soup. It was delicious, perfect for two people to share, and only $12 for the combo.

Northside Social is a great place to study, work from home, read a book or meet friends for coffee or wine. There is a large outside area and a cute upstairs wine bar. It is a part of the Liberty Tavern family, which includes Lyon Hall and is a great place to visit if you are in Clarendon for the day.

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Revolve in Clarendon!


A few months ago, when I read that a cycling studio would be coming to Clarendon, I was looking forward to it. I had just started to really enjoy running and working out in general and had never taken a spinning class. Since then, I did take a class but was looking forward to a studio opening in Clarendon, where I live and spend most of my time. Finally, this week I was able to take my first class at Revolve!

I chose the Tuesday 7p Barre Ride class because I was intrigued by the Barre aspect of it. My legs were super sore from a class I took on Saturday and I wanted desperately to stretch them out. Mission more than accomplished.

When I first walked in, I checked in on one of the iPads provided to do so and checked out a pair of biking shoes (mere $2 rental).

There is a wall of lockers provided to check your stuff in. When you reserve your class online, you also reserve your bike so once you are all ready, you can head to your selected bike and get set up. The cycling room has about 40 bikes and floor to ceiling mirrors so you can really see what you’re doing.


The instructor, Grant, started the class by turning the lights low, the music up and about 35 minutes of crazy cardio. There was a fair amount of sprinting and climbing and lots of speedy cycling with great instruction and motivation throughout. After the cardio was over, we used the handlebars of our bikes to stretch and strengthen. We utilized weights (you have a choice of 2, 3 or 5 lbs) to work our arms and did plenty of squats, which I felt the next day. Overall, it was a great class!

I am really glad Revolve has come to Clarendon. If you follow @RevolveDC, you can possibly win a free class by playing their Tweet Up Tuesday contest. I won a few weeks ago which I used to take this class. I’m sure I’ll be back very soon!